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Bed bugs are big news right now

Over 3 million room nights protected. Discover how we safeguard the reputations of top hotels.

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Find out how Spotta can protect your business and save you money

24/7 Smart Insect Monitoring as a Service

Spotta alerts you to harmful pests before they cause damage, enabling you to intervene at the right time, in the right place and with the right techniques

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How Spotta’s Service Works


We monitor your pests 24/7 using IoT Pods 

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We send you real time alerts before pests damage your assets


How this helps our Customers

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Prevents pest damage

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Limits use of pesticides

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Saves money and reputation 

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Peace of Mind


Spotta’s Innovative IOT Solutions

Real-time monitoring for Pine Weevils

Protect forests from their damaging impact

Image by Geran de Klerk

Digital transformation in Date Palm management

Protect your valuable Palm plantations

24/7 bed bug monitoring

Identify bed bugs before they become a problem

Forest Path
"Spotta's innovative solution is a tremendous benefit for the forestry sector and the environment." 
Ms. Màiri McAllan
Scottish Environment Minister
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Gypsy Moth

Our platform technology can be configured to monitor for any insect

If your organization is impacted by a pest problem, we can develop a solution to protect you

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