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About Spotta

Spotta was founded by Robert Fryers and Neil D’Souza-Mathew, engineers experienced in low power sensor systems and IoT deployment

Welcome from the Founders

Insect pests cause over £320bn in damage each year, affecting industries as diverse as hospitality, farming and forestry. To treat infestations, the world uses 4 million tonnes of pesticide annually: by detecting pests early, you can minimise damage and, importantly, reduce pesticide use through improved targeting of treatment and intervening at an earlier point in pests’ exponential population growth.  


Having provided tech consultancy to early stage companies, Robert and Neil created Spotta with a desire to apply their technological expertise to make a difference to everyday challenges: pests. 

Tropical Leaves

Founded in 2018 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the Spotta team consists of forward-thinking engineers, entomologists and business professionals, all striving to provide market-leading solutions for pest control.


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