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Bed bug protection

"Bankside Hotel is proactively dealing with the increasing number of Bed Bugs being detected here in London, and Spotta is an excellent product for doing so." 

Andras Goldsbrough, Maintenance Manager,

Bankside Hotel, part of Marriott International


24/7 bed bug monitoring:
Find bed bugs before your guests do

No bed bug complaints? Let’s keep it that way

You can’t prevent bed bugs from entering your property. But Spotta can help you detect them as early as possible. Our systems are invisible to guests and detect bed bugs 24/7. When we detect a bed bug, we notify the hotel team so that they can take action before the bed bugs bite guests and lead to large infestations

The impact of bed bugs on a property


Pest control emergency call-out treatments

Current preventative bed bug protocols (e.g. dogs)

Negative reviews online leading to:

  • Loss of bookings

  • Lower ADR

Guest compensation & recovery costs

Cost of replacing fixtures

Cost of settlements to avoid lawsuits

Increased burden on management and housekeeping

The cost of treating bed bugs is just the tip of the iceberg: 

Spotta's Solution

Early warning system for bed bugs in hotels and other accommodation.

See how it works. 

Spotta’s system is invisible to guests and is delivered as a cost effective subscription. We attract bed bugs into hidden traps 24/7. When a bed bug enters a trap, we notify the hotel team rapidly so that they can take action and mitigate any risk to guests

Spotta detects bed bugs before they harm your reputation

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24/7 automatic detection and email alerts to hotels

10x more effective at detecting bed bugs than current methods

Zero time commitment from hotel staff

Zero visibility to guests - no wires, no sound, no smells and hidden from view

Does not use hotel WiFi

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