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Digital transformation in Date Palm management: 24/7 Monitoring for Red Palm Weevil

Protect your date plantation from Red Palm Weevil (RPW)

Red Palm Weevil (R. ferrugineus) is a rapidly growing problem in date palm, causing millions of dollars of economic loss each year and endangering the livelihood of 50 million farmers (FAO).

Estimated cost of RPW in 
Middle East and North Africa


Tree inspections

Manual trapping

Loss due to tree death

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Insecticide treatments

The Problems Red Palm Weevils cause

Farm owners and public body officials have told us that RPW is present everywhere, and a key challenge for them is to identify high activity hot spots. They believe that existing trapping mechanisms and manual tree inspections are not fit for purpose.  

Spotta's Solution

An early warning system for RPW

See how it works. 
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Internet activated dry traps attract RPW and transmit information wirelessly

Managers see real time RPW activity on their phone and laptop

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Labour and farmers receive automatic instructions

They go straight to the most impacted parts of the farms to do treatments

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Decision makers track the progress of the control program in real time

Low response time to RPW activity prevents damage

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Benefits of Spotta’s digital solution


Control RPW spread


Prevent tree death


Increase date production & quality


Grow value of exports


Manage contractor performance

Tested & verified in the Middle East

The system was subjected to rigorous testing in randomised block design trials in date farms. Despite being very low service, Spotta provided equivalent or slightly better trapping compared to the high maintenance traditional wet bucket traps used today. 

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