Smart Pest Systems

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Red Palm Weevil (RPW)

A threat to date farming

Red Palm Weevil (R. ferrugineus) is a rapidly growing problem in date palm, causing millions of dollars worth economic loss each year and endangering the livelihood of 50 million farmers (FAO).


Reliable trapping and monitoring is central to effective RPW control, but existing traps are not fit for purpose. They need regular servicing and manual data collection. 


A breakthrough in RPW management

Spotta's revolutionary early warning system reduces the damage to date palms by slowing the spread of RPW. 

Spotta's low service, dry smart traps attract and capture RPW, reducing the population available to attack healthy trees. They remotely transmit real-time insights to our secure web platform. This empowers managers to slow the spread of RPW by focusing treatments on high priority areas. 

Spotta dry, smart traps

Reliable trapping and monitoring

Spotta's traps are very low maintenance, internet activated traps ideal for RPW trapping and monitoring.


Once the traps attract and capture the insect, the patented vision system of the trap checks if the insect is an RPW. This information is then remotely transmitted in real-time to our web dashboard.  

Spotta's web bashboard

Real-time insights

Our web dashboard is a decision making tool which gets real-time RPW updates from the Spotta's traps installed in farms.  

Easy to interpret data helps the program manager to allocate inspection and treatment teams to the most unhealthy fields. 


National level view helps prioritize the worst affected areas for targeted action. 

Tested and verified

In the Middle East

The system was subjected to rigorous testing in randomized block design trials in date farms. Despite being very low service, Spotta provided equivalent or slightly better trapping as compared to the high maintenance traditional wet bucket traps used today. 

The image recognition algorithm identified the RPW with 98.3% accuracy and transmitted real-time data without any disruption. 

Resilient design

and easy to deploy

Spotta's system has been proven to be robust to harsh local conditions in date farms. The traps operated in peak summers, with internal temperatures reaching 81 degree Celsius. 

The system can be deployed and serviced by local staff with only a few hours of training on system handling. 

Secure platform

Own your data

Spotta treats every customer's data as a secret of that customer. We have invested heavily in maintaining a high level of data privacy. 


Field generated data is the sole property of the customer and we make sure that the sensitive information is accessible only to its owners.


Thus we enjoy a high level of trust amongst our customers in public as well as private domains. 

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