Spotta™ Bed Pods are a totally revolutionary new way to pre-empt and minimise the damage bed bugs can cause to guests, reputation and earnings.


Our smart, discreet network of intelligent ‘pods’ can identify pests and help you deal with them promptly, before they spread.


In the past 20 years, bed bugs have made a startling resurgence which shows no signs of slowing down.


One tiny insect can cost a hotel tens of thousands each year. There’s not much you can do to stop bed bugs entering your hotel, so how can you protect your guests?


The Spotta solution? Bed Pods, our automatic, continuous pest monitoring devices.


The only way you’ll know about bed bugs before your guests do. Finding an infestation early is good news, as small infestations are easier and less expensive to treat. You also avoid compensation costs by protecting guests from bed bugs in the first place. Our discreet and reliable Bed Pod bed bug monitors are on the lookout 24/7 and are able to detect infestations within hours of unwanted ‘guests’ arriving.


Online review websites are most hotel guests’ first point of call when choosing where to stay.


Any contact with bed bugs, or overt pest control activity, can lead to poor reviews and ratings which directly causes reputational damage and loss of earnings.


Installation is quick and easy. Simply place a Bed Pod under each mattress. The Pod THEN configures itself and automatically connects to our network.


If you want, you can check that everything is working okay with live updates on our portal.

Once fitted, the Pods can be left for a year without any servicing so you can relax and forget about them.


If bed bugs are in the room they are attracted to the specially formulated lures that are contained inside each Pod.

Bed bugs that enter the Pod trigger the suite of sensors inside.

The system analyses the insect and, if it’s a bed bug, transmits a message.

We send you a simple alert email saying what we’ve found, where and when.

You even get a picture of the bug so you can be certain before you take action.


Want to dig deeper?

Our Bed Pods are the result of many years’ keen problem solving and successful R&D. We’ve worked really hard to make the system straightforward and intuitive. If you’re interested in learning more about our patented technology or you’d like to see a case study showing the difference our system makes in a real hotel, please have a look at these documents.


If the Bed Pod doesn’t have any wires, how is it powered?

The Pods are battery powered and the batteries last for a year.

What happens when the batteries run out?

As part of the service, we send you replacement units once a year and you send the old units back to us.

Why does the Spotta system need its own wireless network? Can’t it just connect to WiFi?

The wireless network we use (LoRa) consumes much less power on the Pods than WiFi would. This means the Pods have a longer battery life.

How does a Bed Pod know when a bed bug has entered?

There’s an imaging sensor inside each Pod that that takes a photo whenever something enters it.

Is there a privacy risk by having imaging sensors in hotel rooms?

The imaging sensors in the Bed Pod can only see what’s inside the Pod. They cannot see anything outside the Pod.

Can the Bed Pod tell the difference between bed bugs and other insects?

Yes! You can choose if you want to be emailed about just bed bugs, or all insects.

Can I look at detections made by the Spotta system in the past?

All detections made by the Pods in your hotel(s) can been viewed through the Console. You should have received an email asking you to set a password for your Console account when you signed up. Contact customer support if you need help logging in to the Console.

From our customers...

Spotta's Bed Pod System has transformed how we protect our guests from bed bugs. 100% successful at detecting them before staff or guests, and almost completely eradicated the threat. With Spotta we're able to solve a problem before it even begins, saving money and time.

GM of a major London hotel


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