Smart Pest Systems

for Forestry

Spotta and Forestry

Spotta™ is revolutionising the monitoring of the world’s most challenging forestry insects.  Spotta’s real-time data enables Forest managers to make better informed decisions. 


It also slashes the time needed for inspections of pests and damage. 

Pine Weevil

Following successful trials with Forest and Land Scotland, our service for real time monitoring of the Large Pine Weevil (H. abietis) is now available for scale deployments in summer 2021.

Spotta is a powerful new tool for remote decision making on planting, treating and replacing saplings.  Intensive manual inspection programmes can be replaced by cost effective remote monitoring.  

Real-time data empowers the best possible outcomes for productivity and environmental responsibility.

Contact us to find out more.  

Bark Beetles

Mountain and Southern Pine Beetle (D. ponderosae and D. frontalis), along with their European cousin, the Spruce Bark Beetle (I. typographus), have caused enormous damage in recent years.


Manual and satellite monitoring only detects the damage to trees after the fact. Spotta is transforming this by providing early warning, before the damage occurs.

Our technology enables a shift from reactive to proactive management. 

We're seeking partners for field deployments in summer 2021. Contact us if you would like to get involved.

Forest Pod for

Pest Controllers

Spotta works with service partners, consultants and industry experts to deliver our solutions globally.  Find out more about our forestry partner programmes here.