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The Times Highlights Spotta: Tech vs Bedbugs

Spotta’s CEO Robert Fryers shared with The Times how our sensor technology detects bed bugs more quickly than ever before, allowing hotels to do something about it before anyone gets bitten.

Bed pods, are slipped beneath hotel mattresses, and the pod takes a picture of any insects that venture inside, this is transmitted to our servers and we can identify what the insect is. If it’s a bedbug we send out an email to say that room 216 has a bedbug, here’s the picture, and hotel can tackle it before anyone gets bitten.

Many hotels have already signed-up to this effective approach including Bankside Hotel, a member of Marriott International, where Andras Goldsbrough, Maintenance Manager says "Bankside Hotel is proactively dealing with the increasing number of Bed Bugs being detected here in London, and Spotta is an excellent product for doing so.”


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