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CSSA Innovation Showcase

Updated: May 6, 2022

Spotta was shortlisted for the 2020 CSSA Innovation Showcase, postponed due to Covid-19.

In January 2020, our CEO, Robert, headed to the London Stadium for a Dragon’s Den style pitch to representatives from the Cleaning and Support Services Association for a place at the 2020 CSSA Innovation Showcase. The annual event celebrates creativity and innovation within the cleaning industry, and is supported by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association.

Following a successful pitch, Spotta’s Bed Pod system was selected as one of the finalists, with a slot secured at the showcase to CSSA members in March 2020. Like many industry events around the world, the CSSA Innovation Showcase was postponed due to Covid-19.

How Spotta helps the cleaning industry

The Bed Pod automatic monitoring system helps reduce time demands on cleaning teams in hotels and other residential accommodation, such as care homes and retirement villages. Housekeepers and facility managers often have to manually inspect for bed bugs and this is where the Bed Pod comes in, saving time and resources by automatically detecting and alerting staff to the presence of bed bugs.

These tiny pests hide from any source of light so they’re difficult to find, yet they are prevalent in everyday life - from hotels and nursing homes, to hospitals, schools and libraries. With adult bed bugs measuring just 5mm but capable of causing thousands in damage to business reputation and buildings, the pressure to spot them is intense. By installing our smart pest system, cleaning teams are freed from manual inspections and able to focus on other tasks on their busy work schedules.

How does the Bed Pod work?

The Bed Pod is always on and able to run for over a year off a single battery. This ‘fit and forget’ approach makes setup simple and means bed bugs are automatically detected without any intervention needed by cleaners or housekeepers. The system analyses pests which have been attracted into the pod and transmits the results via email to nominated staff, whether that’s a hotel General Manager, cleaning team leader or facility manager. Watch our short video to find out more about how this innovative system works.

By automatically monitoring and classifying bed bugs, the Bed Pod fills a missing link between housekeepers and cleaners, and pest control professionals. Early detection makes it easier to treat the pests, catching them before an infestation occurs. This allows cleaners and other users to be the hero to their customers, saving them from bed bug outbreaks thanks to the use of clever technology.

Partnerships available

Since launching in hotels around the UK in early 2019, Spotta has proven more reliable in catching bed bugs early than manual inspections and other monitoring systems. In its first year of operating, the Bed Pod system protected over 200,000 guest nights.

Whether you’re a cleaning company or a pest controller, Spotta works with a number of commercial partners across different industries servicing accommodation providers. If you would like to partner with Spotta to offer your clients an innovative solution to monitoring bed bugs, you can find out more on our Service Providers page.

While we are disappointed that we couldn’t attend the CSSA Innovation Showcase for 2020, we’re proud that the Bed Pod continues to protect buildings and people from bed bugs, and save precious time for busy cleaning teams by removing the need for manual bed bug inspections.

Contact us to see what the Bed Pod system can do for your business.


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