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Bed bug crisis

Cambridge Spinout Spotta Most Immediately Actionable Hi-Tech Prevention Solution to Paris Bed Bug Problem


London – 6 October 2023 – Today Spotta announced its availability to serve London and Paris in their efforts to prevent widespread outbreaks of bed bugs.

Spotta is the only existing solution that can prevent bed bug outbreaks such as the ones that threaten Paris hotels today and the Paris Olympics next year. Bed bug populations have grown rapidly in all cities around the world over the past decade and are one of the most viscerally terrifying and value-destructive pests. The world urgently needs reliable, cost-effective preventative pest control solutions, and Spotta’s technology is ready TODAY to address pest-related challenges.

Spun out of Cambridge by two Cambridge University engineers, Spotta’s advanced computer vision and chemical lure technology detect bed bugs before they spread and do so in a way that is completely frictionless for both customers and end users. Spotta’s smartphone-sized trap uses harmless pheromones to attract bed bugs and artificial intelligence to verify their presence, then sends an alert that allows hotel staff to intervene.

“We call out to President Macron and others,” said Spotta CEO Robert Fryers, “all who wish to protect their cities, their hotels, their inhabitants from bed bugs -- one of the biggest threats to Paris’ reputation ahead of the Olympics. Our technology can solve this problem and can revolutionise the pest control industry broadly. We are committed to making it available to everyone.”

Spotta’s technology is currently in use in hotels in the UK, USA and France and in forests and farms in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. The product is a safe and effective solution for use in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and agricultural operations.


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