Reduce bed bug complaints by more than 90%

A typical 500 room hotel can expect to improve their bottom line by an average of $80,000 per year and also reduce legal costs with Spotta.*

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Improve RevPAR and occupancy while saving money

Avoid negative reviews

Reduce the burden on management and housekeeping

Retain loyal customers

Reduce guest compensation costs

Reduce pest controller costs

Reduce the risk of legal settlements and fees

Optimized for hotels

  • Each Pod takes 60 seconds to install.

  • It sits between the mattress and the base.

  • The Pods are wireless, silent and invisible to guests.

  • Each Pod automatically detects bed bugs 24/7/365

  • One simple subscription with no hidden costs.

  • Once per year, a housekeeper takes 10 seconds to replace a snap-in cartridge on each Pod.

  • No specialist IT requirements, software or expertise.

*Based on Spotta’s analysis of compensation, cost of rooms out of service, management time, pest treatments, lost revenue and lost customer loyalty. Room rate $200, with 25 bed bug incidents per year across 500 rooms.